Our Privacy Policy

Jorvik Press values privacy, for our sake and yours. This policy has been written to assure you that we will uphold your privacy at a level on par with or more vigor than privacy best practices dictate.

We will update this policy statement as needed to maintain regulatory compliance, but the message will always be the same:

Any data you supply will be stored securely and used only for your intended purpose.

For example, if you purchase a book from our website, we’ll use the data you provide (your contact information) to initiate the transaction with our payment processor and ship your package. Or if you subscribe to our email newsletter (should we ever offer one), we will send you email newsletters until you unsubscribe. That’s it.

What we won’t do

We do not and will not sell, rent, give, or lease any personally identifiable information (PIN) to third parties, except, as detailed below, in the case of fulfilling a request initiated by you.

Information we collect, and why

  • There are occasions (requesting information, placing orders) where you may provide your name and email address or a physical address.
  • We use third third-party vendors, identified below, to help with delivery of newsletters and processing payments. We never see any of your full credit card number or payment details, which are handled through Square.
  • Your email, if you give it to us. We use this to respond to questions, to add you to our carefully held email news list, or to initiate transactions at your request.
  • We also use Google Analytics to help us improve our website (see below).

Data processors

  • Square – Square manages all payment processing. Your credit card payment details are managed by Square and only the date, amount of each payment, and the last four digits of your credit card is ever visible to Jorvik Press. Square’s Privacy Policy.
  • MailChimp – MailChimp manages the delivery of newsletters sent from Jorvik Press. MailChimp’s Privacy Policy.
  • Google Analytics measures our website performance. Our aim is to make sure our pages are appropriately discoverable and provide our audience with the information they are looking for. Google Analytics uses cookies and other tracking technology to capture visitor behavior data. Google’s “Privacy” Policy.

Data Retention

Your data (name, email, and possibly mailing address) will be retained as long as you are subscribed to Jorvik Press, plus up to one year following unsubscribe.


Jorvik Press will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. If Jorvik Press stores your data, it will do so on secure servers.

Cross-border data transfers

Information that Jorvik Press collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which Jorvik Press operates to enable the use of the information in accordance with this privacy policy. You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal information.

GDPR Compliance

Jorvik Press seeks to fully comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Pursuant to this regulation, you have the following rights on this websites:

  • Right to be forgotten: You may unsubscribe. If you wish your data to be permanently deleted, you may contact us at unsubscribe@jorvikpress.com and it will be deleted within 72 hours.
  • Right to object: We have never performed any data science projects on user data and do not anticipate doing so in the future.
  • Right to access and rectification: You can contact us at admin@jorvikpress.com at any time to access copies of all user data we retain for you. We will remove, update, or change any personal information about you from our servers immediately upon your request.
  • Right of portability: We only retain your name, email address, and possibly a mailing address. Nevertheless, we will provide that information to you upon your request.

In addition to the above, an “unsubscribe” option will be included in the footer of every newsletter. This allows you to one-click unsubscribe from the newsletter. In the event you unsubscribe, we will immediately remove you from future newsletters. Please note that unsubscribing from the newsletter does not prohibit Jorvik Press from replying to you or emailing you about orders in progress.