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Jorvik Press titles in development

    • DownMind, a speculative adventure by Portland, Oregon native V.O. Blum,  has been called: “Cognitively estranging, richly imagined, and splendidly paranoid …”  A new eBook edition is out soon from Jorvik Press. The story is set in 2025. People are gasping in the streets, planes are falling from the sky, suicide is rampant. Medicine and technology can reverse the course, but humanity can’t seem to rally. By chance, a young Kiwi chemist stumbles across evidence that suggests that gravity and the air – indeed consciousness itself – are responding to a dispiriting force. But who – or what – is directing this energy? And can the species be saved before a PhD detective is taken off the case? After the story won a 2012 SpecFicNZ prize, a paperback edition of DownMind was published in New Zealand in 2013.

    • Following up on Bakersfield: A Crime Novel, Pierre Ouellette has just finished writing Haight St., a new crime thriller that finds his protagonist, ex-Detective Stone of the Bakersfield Police, in San Francisco ten years later. By the mid-60s, no longer a cop, he’s now scouting new talent for a record label in this hotbed of musical innovation – but he soon discovers how easily the Summer of Love can turn into an LSD-fueled nightmare. Publication: summer 2020.

    • V.O. Blum’s Hihifo: The Elizabeth Morey Story is based on the real life of an unusual young woman who leaves her comfortable life in Boston in 1802 to sail with her new husband to the exotic Pacific Islands on a mercantile adventure. After his violent death she is taken in by an island tribe, marries the chief and bears him a son. Picked up by an American merchant ship during a skirmish with the islanders, she is taken to Australia, where she soon becomes disillusioned with the colonial bureaucrats. Knowing that her true home is on that distant island, she spurns the romantic advances of a British government official and devotes herself to returning to her family and the tribe that adopted her. Publication: fall 2020.