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Some Jorvik Press titles in development:

  • The true story of a young woman who sails from Boston in 1805 to the mysterious Pacific Islands on a mercantile adventure with her husband. After he dies, she is taken in by an island tribe, marries the chief and bears him several children. After being “rescued” by a British ship during a skirmish with the islanders, she is taken to Australia and has to deal with colonial bureaucrats. She soon realizes that her true home is on that distant island, and she eventually returns to her family and the tribe that adopted her.
  • A hands-on guide for parents of children with learning disabilities from an expert practitioner and teacher who is pioneering new approaches to working with autism spectrum disorder.
  • A new edition of the classic 1971 documentary BAMN (By Any Means Necessary): Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera, 1965-71. This forthcoming third edition, available as a trade paperback and eBook, is revised, edited and reformatted, with a new introduction by the editors.