As the 1970s lurch into political mayhem, former cop Stone has to take up his old calling to hunt down a mad bomber who is targeting the police.

And the closer Stone gets to his prey, the more perilous his pursuit becomes as the bomber takes cover behind the escalating violence of the radical underground.

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Celebrated in France as a major spiritual figure – fearless explorer, first to enter Tibet’s forbidden city, bringer of Buddhism to the West – Alexandra David-Néel used her free-thinking independence to create her own belief system.

We follow her journey from Catholic convert to Protestantism, to late 19th-century esotericism and finally to nihilism and anarchism, before she invents her own, which she calls Buddhist Modernism.

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The updated tale of a world renowned guru, accused by his aides and devotees of sexual, physical, and emotional manipulation, exploitation, and violence for over thirty years.

In this new edition, the authors – an investigative reporter and a specialist in Tibetan Buddhism – present all available evidence from victims and eyewitnesses to tell the story of a holy man with fabricated credentials whose crimes were covered up by his foundation.

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Murder, madness and psychedelic mayhem in the Summer of Love.

Ex-cop James Stone, now a talent scout for Capitol Records, is sent to San Francisco in 1967. Scouring this hotbed of musical originality for new acts, he finds it’s also a breeding ground for the unspeakable.

Confronted by an ambitious drug broker, a murderous dealer, a beloved face from his past, and a race to recover missing drug money, Stone is again entangled in murder, madness and mayhem, turning the Summer of Love into a hallucinogenic nightmare.

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A major spiritual figure in France, this fearless explorer was the first Westerner to enter Tibet’s forbidden city and bring Buddhism to the West.

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The revised and updated tale of exploitation, violence, manipulation and denigration, all perpetrated by a holy man with fabricated credentials and covered up by his foundation.

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Murder, madness and psychedelic mayhem turn San Francisco's Summer of Love into a hallucinogenic nightmare.

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Bakersfield is a tale of crime and corruption in 1950s post-war America, centered around LA cop James Stone, who is exiled to Bakersfield, CA because of a LAPD scandal.

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