Some Jorvik Press titles in development:

  • We’re preparing a new edition of Scarlet Letters, Rosemary Bailey’s heartfelt story of the last nine years of the life of her brother, Simon Bailey, vicar of the south Yorkshire village of Dinnington. Rosemary captures the sad drama that consumes Simon as he breaks the news of his illness, first to friends, then to close parishioners, and finally to his family, the church authorities and the media. While slowly succumbing to AIDS, the Rev. Bailey continues to hold sermons in the parish church, while his parishioners care for him around the clock through his final months. The story was featured in a 1995 BBC TV program. Publication: Fall 2016.

  • An intimate biography of a legendary pop music icon from the late fifties/early sixties, whose short life is remembered by one of his closest friends, himself one of the great catalysts of the rock ’n’ roll revolution.
  • When this author appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1969, she was hailed as one of the few smart, self-aware young women hovering at the edge of the rock ‘n’ roll scene. But she was much more than a groupie. Now running a private law practice and a horse ranch in Texas, she’s currently finishing a stylish and hilarious memoir titled The Band’s With Me.
  • A new edition of the classic 1970 documentary BAMN (By Any Means Necessary): Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera, 1965-70. This forthcoming third edition, available as a trade paperback and eBook, is revised, edited and reformatted, with a new introduction by the editors, Peter Stansill and David Zane Mairowitz.