Cavern Club: The Inside Story

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Debbie Greenberg

A great street-level history of one of the world’s most famous small music venues. This inside story is the real thing.
John May The Generalist

Mini-skirted Debbie Greenberg’s… first-hand, fan’s-eye, gossipy chit-chat and fashion notes have tactile authenticity, from resident DJ, Bob Wooler’s ‘Hi there, all you cave-dwellers,’ to bassist Stuart Sutcliffe standing with his back to the audience ‘so no one could see how he was playing’, and Pete Best (‘sultry, fiercely good-looking and oozed sex appeal’).
Andrew Darlington, R2 magazine

A fab read for any 60s music fan. Richly illustrated with… rare photos, posters and press cuttings… The day Paul McCartney popped in with his new girlfriend, Linda, to show her where the Beatles story began is particularly special.
Simon Fine

As a teenager, Debbie Greenberg was spending far too much time at the Cavern Club in her hometown of Liverpool, England. It was already the most famous music club in the world, where she had been dazzled by the Beatles’ debut performance and witnessed their rise to stardom for two years before watching the local heroes leave home.

Then in 1966, after the previous owner declared bankruptcy, her father asked out of the blue if she thought it would be a good idea to take over the club. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. She’d been a Cavern fanatic since it was a jazz club, hardly missing a lunchtime or evening rock session until its closure a few weeks before – amid mass protests by Liverpool youth.

Now she was suddenly part of a new family business, faced with the task of helping to breathe new life into a dilapidated rock ’n’ roll shrine and build on the legacy of the legendary Mersey Beat.

This first-hand account of her ten years frequenting and eventually managing the original Cavern Club is the authentic inside story of the Beatles’ launch pad, full of triumphs and failures – and surprise celebrity encounters.

Richly illustrated with dozens of photos, posters and press clips.

Bibliographic Data:
Title: Cavern Club: The Inside Story
Author: Debbie Greenberg
Publisher: Jorvik Press
ISBN: 978-0-9863770-4-4
Publication Date: 10/24/2016
B&W 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm); perfect-bound with matte lamination
190 pages; 94 B&W illustrations
Retail price: US: $19.95; UK: £17.25; EU: €19.75

Debbie Greenberg

Born in 1945 in Liverpool, Debbie Greenberg attended the Morrison School on Greenbank Road and, after passing her eleven-plus, New Heys High School for Girls.
Leaving school at seventeen, she started working with her father, Alf Geoghegan, who ran three butcher’s shops. By age 20 she was managing the family business and also working part-time as a fashion model.

Her life changed forever when her father took over the lease of the Cavern Club in 1966 after the previous owner went bankrupt.

Debbie lives with her husband Nigel in Liverpool and partners with him in their 44-year-old business, Solo Security.

Translation of an article in Pop Thing, a Spanish online magazine based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, specializing in mid- to late 20th Century Western popular culture. See original here: The Cavern Club en el Liverpool de 1966: Alf Geoghegan se pone al mando

The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 1966:
Alf Geoghegan takes command

As the Mersey Sound was slowly fading in 1965/6, it seemed that The Cavern Club was losing its relevance after closing its doors for a few months, due to the bankruptcy of Ray McFall in February 1966. But that was not the case – the club reopened in July 1966 and was world news again with Harold Wilson, the UK’s Prime Minister, officiating at the ceremony.

Nevertheless, this phase of The Cavern’s history does not arouse much interest among scholars. For example, Spencer Leigh, who has written three books on the subject, only touches lightly on the years 1966-69, devoting less than thirty pages to the period. It is hardly fair that no one has taken more interest in the time when the charismatic Alf Geoghegan took command. And when his daughter Debbie came to the rescue!

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Express Online, Jan 14, 2017

World famous
Cavern Club
turns 60

By Dominic Utton
IT IS the most famous cellar in the world. A cramped, sweaty “cesspit” that incubated a musical revolution – and for a decade was the undisputed hotbed of rock ‘n’ roll.

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60 Years of the Cavern

This SNS Online audio interview, recorded at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to help celebrate 60 years of the Mersey Beat, features Debbie and Nigel Greenburg. Also broadcast on BBC World Service.


From Daily Mail online

Cavern Club owner's daughter reveals one of
the first photos Linda McCartney took of Paul
just weeks after they got together

By Isobel Frodsham
A woman whose dad ran the famous Cavern Club 50 years ago has uncovered one of the first photos Linda McCartney took of husband Paul - just weeks after they got together.

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From Jewish Telegraph, Nov. 18, 2016

Debbie shares inside story
of club The Beatles
made famous

By Simon Yaffe

THERE are a few well-known Jewish links to The Beatles. The most obvious being Brian Epstein, the Fab Four’s manager at the height of their stardom, and Linda McCartney (nee Eastman), the haimishe girl from New York who captured Paul’s heart.

But perhaps less conspicuous are the Jewish strands which connect The Beatles and Liverpool’s world-famous Cavern Club.

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From Express online, Nov 12, 2016

The Beatles, Cilla, Spike Milligan and me:
My dad owned the Cavern Club

DEBBIE GREENBERG’S dad Alf owned Liverpool’s iconic Cavern club and she tells us intimate tales of growing up with Paul McCartney, Ringo, Cilla and Spike Milligan.

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‘It Was A Cess Pit, But We Loved It’ – A Former Owner Remembers Liverpool’s Cavern Club

Mark Beaumont — NME, Oct 31, 2016

We’ve all dreamt of being in The Cavern Club with The Beatles twisting, shouting and mop-wobbling the place into a Cilla-quivering frenzy, but only the more imaginative business studies student has ever dreamed of what it might be like to run the club after they’d graduated to Shea Stadium. Until now. A new book, 'Cavern Club: The Inside Story', tells the story of Debbie Greenberg, a Beatles-era Cavern regular whose family bought the legendary club in 1966, nursed it into a second golden era and who wants to set the record straight on why the original Cavern was demolished in 1973.

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From the Liverpool Echo online

Liverpool's original Cavern Club
could have been saved,
claims a new book

Liverpool’s original Cavern Club could have been saved according to a new book penned by former owner Debbie Greenberg.

Cavern Club: The Inside Story gives readers an insight into the legendary venue after it was reopened in 1966 – when Debbie’s dad, the late Alf Geoghegan, took over the helm.

The family re-built the Mathew Street club into a popular nightspot, as well as a tourist destination, before selling it on four years later.

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From Inapub magazine, November 2016


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