It’s all about the story.

If Jorvik Press had a motto, it would sound something like this.

Our evolving mission is to publish books that tell a story about how people, places and times intersect. The result might be intriguing, evocative, heart-breaking, thrilling or, indeed, depressing. But it will always be mostly true.

Subjects range far and wide, from rock history to the confessions of a community mental health provider, from the textual exegesis of a powerful mythological symbol to a pastiche of 1960s countercultural ephemera.

Founded in 2012 (though our name goes back to 1989), Jorvik Press is an independent Portland, Oregon-based publisher of trade paperback, eBook and occasional hardback editions. Our current and forthcoming titles are mostly non-fiction, focused on history, culture, memoirs and biography, with the occasional novel.

With a full submission pipeline, we are not currently considering unsolicited manuscripts. However, you can always contact us with an idea or, better still, a brief pitch for an existing manuscript.