book cover

Sex and Violence in Tibetan Buddhism

The Rise and Fall of Sogyal Rinpoche

Mary Finnigan/Rob Hogendoorn
book cover

Moseby Confidential

Arthur Penn's Night Moves and the Rise of Neo-Noir

Matthew Asprey Gear
book cover


A Crime Novel

Pierre Ouellette
book cover

Growing Up Existentially

A Journey from Absurdity to Consciousness

Ronald J. Manheimer
book cover

Girls Without Daddies

Filling the Void of a Fatherless Childhood

Cindy McPike
book cover

Scarlet Ribbons

A Priest with AIDS

Rosemary Bailey
book cover

Psychedelic Suburbia

David Bowie and the
Beckenham Arts Lab

Mary Finnigan
book cover

Highlights of a Lowlife

The Autobiography of Milan Melvin

Edited by Peter Laufer
book cover

Mirrors of the Mind

Reflecting on Philosophers' Autobiographies

Ronald J Manheimer PhD
book cover

When a Psychopath Falls in Love

A novel

Herbert Gold
book cover

Dear Luise

A story of power and powerlessness in Denmark's psychiatric care system

Dorrit Cato Christensen
book cover

Black Crusader

A Biography of
Robert Franklin Williams

Robert Carl Cohen
book cover

Therapist in the Wry

Notes from the Crumbling Edge of Mental Health

Michael Szilagyi
book cover

Sacred Mushroom/
Holy Grail

The Long-lost Origin of
Our Most Intriguing Legend

Terry Atkinson
book cover


memoirs of a beat survivor

Hammond Guthrie